Just got my iPad mini… Meet my iFamily lol

Title: Pool Mashup Artist: The Barden Bellas 0 plays

Pitch Perfect // The Way You Are x Just A Dream

Goodbye, iPhone 5. Hello, Galaxy Note II International Version

My MacBook (:

got this guy last week, i like it so far (:

Blonde and blue! (: took a while to get it just right.

Just a thought.

sometimes people change, sometimes for the better other times not so much… Is it too little too late to say that I miss the person you were when i first met you?

아무리 아파도 좋아 지금 널 보러 가기 때문에

my phone got stolen on wednesday, so i treated myself to a new Galaxy S III (:

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cnblue : Lovelight (:

watching, we got married!